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CAO to host second Community Baby Shower for 2024

Community Action Organization of Scioto County (CAO) will be hosting its second Community Baby Shower of the year on May 30, where they will be welcoming locals to pathways to a healthy pregnancy.

“Mothers, families, and caregivers will learn about the many programs in our county that can help them with food, housing, utilities, insurance, and employment,” Nurse Navigator Sharon Otworth said. “This can be a very trying time for expectant mothers, especially first-time mothers, and we want to continue being a resource for information and support to take a little worry off their plate.”

According to Otworth, community partners will be on site to answer any questions that they may have, and participants can sign up for various programming at this event or get important information for services.

“Our event includes mental health and recovery services,” Otworth added. “We educate women about the programs we represent as well. Our Cribs for Kids program promotes and encourages safe sleep environments for infants. Participants will go through educational training of the ABCs to safe sleep and then will receive a free cribette. The Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy program advocates for health and wellness among pregnant women. Our goal is to ensure healthy pregnancies and a healthy start for infants. We work to remove barriers in a pregnancy by providing pregnant women with diapers, wipes, and gas cards that will help them to get to their OB appointments to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We also have the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Car Seat program which if the participants qualify; they will go through training in how to safely put their children in a car seat. After the training, the participants will receive free car seats for their children. And, lastly, we will have representatives from the Scioto County Smoking Cessation Coalition to present on information on the Quit Line, which has a pregnancy protocol that can help many expectant mothers and their families.”

Pregnant individuals may also sign up to win coveted raffle prizes, some of the past options have included bassinets, diapers, wipes, highchairs, strollers, walkers, and more.

"Our goal is to let pregnant families know that we are here to help them," Nurse Navigator Aurora Webb said. "We promote the safety and well-being of our newborn babies. Our baby showers provide an outlet for area agencies to meet some of the people they provide services for.  We welcome all pregnant women to join us for this time of fun and fellowship. All are welcome. There are many things to see and learn. Come join us!"

The program will have a plethora of educational resources and incentives for expectant mothers and the organization invites all to attend. The event will be held in the Community Action Organization Scioto County Welcome Center, 342 Second Street, in the ballroom. The event will be May 30, between 1 and 3 p.m. To contact someone about the event, call 740.354.7545.

“The Workforce Solutions and Community Development arm of CAO Scioto County is unique and diverse in programming, and this is just one benefit our department offers that we are proud of,” Department Director Luanne Valentine said. “We are here to help people and change lives, and, while our department focuses heavily on the ‘changing lives’ aspect of our mission, this is a great opportunity where we get to enact the ‘helping people’ portion. We welcome all expectant mothers to receive the benefits of our work and will continue to provide opportunities for them to grow as families.”

Community Action Organization of Scioto County is a 501©3 non-profit serving southern Ohio, primarily Scioto County, in a wide capacity. Through dozens of programs across four major departments, Workforce Solutions and Community Development, Early Childhood, Social Services, Energy Solutions, and WIC, the agency assists community members in nearly every need someone may have. If there isn’t an in-house program to support a need, then they have a partner they can refer. The agency is “helping people, changing lives” at 433 Third Street, Portsmouth. To learn more, call 740.354.7541. or visit


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