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Everyone deserves a comfortable home.

CAO provides the help you need.

Uncomfortable Home = Uncomfortable Family

You and your family are too valuable to sit in an uncomfortable home.

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Insulation Installation

Ohio Weatherization Grant Program (HWAP)

This program assists Scioto County Residents by providing assistance with lowering their bills through insulation, window repairs, and more.

Heater Check

Columbia Gas Warm Choice

This program assists Scioto County residents by providing inspections, safety checks, repair and/or replacement for water heaters and furnaces, attic and wall insulation, and air sealing.

Light Bulbs

Electric Partnership Program

This program assists Scioto County residents by providing LED light bulb replacement and repair/replacement for refrigerators and freezers.

Stop stressing about high energy bills and frustrating utility problems.

Our programs are here to give you a better quality of life. The process is simple, apply today.

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category buttons COA (3000 × 3000 px).png
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