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Family Services

Family life can be complicated.

CAO strives to support and strengthen families in Scioto County.

We understand how it feels to simply want the best for your family.

You're making the right choice to look for the help that you deserve.

Working from Home

We don't just offer services to families.

We strive to rebuild and strengthen them.


   Strengthened 64 family relationships through the Family Strong program

 80 fathers completed the 24/7 Dad®curriculum


Dads Matter

At Dads Matter, our goal is to help Scioto County fathers become the best dads they can be. Our classes provide fathers with the skills and knowledge they need to connect with their children on a deeper level.

Family Portrait

Parenting Programs

A family training program designed to strengthen communication, understanding, and bond to change behavior and reactions within the family.

Let us guide you through the struggles of parenting.

Our programs are here to give you a fair shot at a happy home life. Apply today, the process is simple.

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