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Employer Services

Your business deserves a fair chance to thrive.

CAO strives for an empathetic approach to employer services. 

We understand that running a business can be stressful.

You're making the right choice to look for the help that you deserve.

Working from Home

We don't just care about helping businesses.

We strive to make a difference in the Scioto County Community.


 20 incumbent workers have benefited from leadership training

Over 40 local employers have trained adults and youth through paid internships

 220 jobs posted through the Business Resource Network

Business People Having Fun

The Business Resource Network

The BRN creates powerful partnerships that work together as a team to share ideas and leverage resources that deliver comprehensive solutions for your business.


Hiring Assistance

This program helps businesses identify, understand, and access the services they need to thrive.

Let us help so you can get back to the important things.

Our programs are here to give you a fair shot at successful business. Apply today, the process is simple.

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