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CAO to offer heart health and resume audit screenings

As part of In-Demand Jobs Week across the State of Ohio, Community Action Organization of Scioto County (CAO) is working with Kings Daughters Medical Center (KDMC) and Shawnee Family Health Center to provide a day that fits into Governor DeWine’s theme of “the heart of opportunity,” which is in hand with the recent rebranding process of many state agencies earlier this year.

“Whether you are completing a certification, learning a new skill, or moving up in your career, Ohio’s broad range of in-demand jobs means Ohio is truly the heart of opportunity,” said Governor DeWine in a release regarding the week of events. “I encourage students and all Ohioans to attend an In-Demand Jobs Week event and explore all the options in your community.”

Lt. Governor Husted echoed that sentiment, explaining that Ohio has the opportunity to serve in all areas of business.

“For this year’s In-Demand Jobs Week, we’re focusing on the fact that here in Ohio, we make the things the world needs to live and thrive," said Lt. Governor Husted. "From the food you eat, to the cars you drive, to the trucks that deliver it, to the airplanes that fly it, to the cloud that connects us all, to the chips that power our devices. Whether you are looking to start a new career or advance in your current one, there is opportunity here for you.” 

To make that theme more literal, the Business Services Team at CAO of Scioto County has explored offering a day of services that focus on hearth health in a variety of ways, while also providing resume audits, preparation, and more to those job seekers searching for opportunity.

KDMC is partnering with the organization to offer its mobile heart health unit to provide blood pressure and oxygen readings, blood glucose and cholesterol tests, and an EKG. They will be onsite between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to provide these services every 15 minutes.

Shawnee Family Health Center will have a table in the Ohio Means Jobs Center, alongside information on workplace stress, job anxiety, and other topics that impact healthy heart function when it comes to the mental health of things. Amy Hamm will present on this information between 10 a.m. and noon.

Finally, CAO of Scioto County will welcome job seekers into their computer lab in the Ohio Means Jobs Center to have their resumes audited by one of the agency’s professionals. The audit will review the resumes of seekers, provide feedback on potential improvements, and then offer time in the lab to make these improvements. These services will be available to job seekers between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“We’re taking the theme a bit literally by partnering with two great local agencies that impact heart health in the community,” Business and Community Development Manager Joseph Pratt said. “We are also staying true to the spirit of the week by offering resume building activities in our designated Ohio Means Jobs space. I think it is a great opportunity to provide services for job seekers that will benefit them as they track down the heart of their own opportunities and only continue building their resumes with more meaningful experiences as members of Ohio’s workforce in a healthy way.”

In-Demand Jobs Week is designed to promote Ohio’s most in-demand and fastest-growing industries through statewide hiring, education, and training events. This year’s theme is “Ohio, the Heart of Opportunity,” highlighting the various opportunities available now and in the future, right here in the buckeye state. From internships to apprenticeships, and from manufacturing to healthcare jobs, there is opportunity for you in Ohio.

During the week, business, community, and education leaders are encouraged to host events to demonstrate the opportunities that are available in their community and industry. Last year, local events included job fairs, business tours, career signing days, resume workshops, and more.

“As always, CAO is dedicated to providing services to job seekers and this event is just another way to partner with meaningful businesses in our community,” Program Director Luanne Valentine said. “I believe our region is positioned for a lot of opportunity in the future and events like this only continue to build our workforce into better prepared members ready to make change across the community. We are always ready to help someone become the best version of themselves as members of the job market, as we are always ready to assist employers navigate benefits; visit us year-round to see how we can help you.”

Community Action Organization of Scioto County is a 501©3 non-profit serving southern Ohio, primarily Scioto County, in a wide capacity. Through dozens of programs across four major departments, Workforce Solutions and Community Development, Early Childhood, Social Services, Energy Solutions, and WIC, the agency assists community members in nearly every need someone may have. If there isn’t an in-house program to support a need, then they have a partner they can refer. The agency is “helping people, changing lives” at 433 Third Street, Portsmouth. To learn more, call 740.354.7541. or visit


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